RITISBBQ is Raising Money for Charity Thru “Rubstarter” Giving Campaign

RITISBBQ (aka Rub It Til It Smokes), a couple of local Bergen and Rockland friends who love and produce all things BBQ, have launched Rubstarter (View Campaign) — a crowdfunding campaign to enable the first bottled production run of their “award-winning, original rub”, plus use the funds to support those in need.

Aiming to raise $15,000 — part of which would go toward production, fulfillment, R&D, marketing, administrative costs, etc — people can pledge at various levels to receive items like a bottle of their rub, swag, and more (View Campaign). The plan is to have one thousand bottles produced within 30 days of the campaign end, with shipping/fulfillment to be no later than February 2021.

All remaining money would be donated to community-based charitable organizations like Friends of Firefighters plus various hunger relief and veteran support organizations.


They are running a similar all-or-nothing funding model like Kickstarter, which means that if they fail to reach the funding goal (in this case $15,000), all backers receive a full refund. They are also raffling off a Recteq wood pellet grill as part of their crowdfunding endeavor.

The campaign is being run thru the end of 2020 (View Campaign).

[photo source: RITISBBQ]


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