WXYZ Opens at Brand New Aloft Hotel in Secaucus

WXYZ is a bar that’s part of the recently opened Aloft hotel in Secaucus. It’s located within the Mill Creek Mall shopping district in the Meadowlands.

Aloft is a brand of Marriott that’s “for the ‘always on’ next generation of traveler” that offers a “tech-forward, vibrant experience and a modern style that is different by design”.

WXYZ serves up signature cocktails and small bites with dinner available too according to their website.


The space is laid out with bar stools plus sofas and chairs for lounge seating with a pool table. Aloft also wants to be known for “emerging artists” and “showcasing new talent” with live acoustic performances at the bar.

It is currently open seven days a week from 5:00pm till 11:00pm.

460 Harmon Meadow Boulevard
Secaucus, NJ

[photo source: Aloft]


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