German Doner Kebab is Coming to American Dream in East Rutherford

German Doner Kebab is one of the upcoming stores at the American Dream property in East Rutherford.

The chain was founded in Berlin back in 1989, featuring doner kebab — meat cooked on a vertical spit like gyro or shawarma crafted using their “unique blend of traditional spices and exclusive products”.

Serving a menu (View Menu) kebabs, wraps, burgers, fries and more — their meats are certified halal — the brand has no locations open as of yet in the US, with plans for Texas, Nevada, and New York City (Manhattan & Brooklyn).


While it’s currently listed as simply “coming soon”, it will be located in Court A, Level 2.

German Doner Kebab
1 American Dream Way
East Rutherford, NJ

[photo source: German Doner Kebab]


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