Real Fruit Bubble Tea Opens at American Dream in East Rutherford

Real Fruit Bubble Tea, a chain of bubble tea shops, has opened at American Dream in East Rutherford.

Their menu (View Menu) includes fruit slush (ice and fruit, no milk), fruit smoothies (ice and fruit, with milk), fresh squeezed juice, milk tea, and green tea. Customers can add toppings like tapioca, protein, and various fruit jellies.

Real Fruit believes the big difference in their product vs other bubble tea shops is that each drink is made with freshly cut fruit (they go thru alot of mango) — everything can be tailored to each customer’s taste and preference.


They also use no artificial preservatives or additives in anything they sell.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea
1 American Dream Way
East Rutherford, NJ

[photo source: Real Fruit Bubble Tea]


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