Liquor License Reform Gains Steam Once Again in Jersey

Sponsored in late September, a new bill (S2964) has been proposed in the New Jersey state legislature that establishes a new restricted beer, wine, and cider license (Read Proposed Legislation) for restaurants.

This new license will allow eateries to sell beer, wine or cider (no spirits or cocktails) and be sold in connection with the sale of food. No dedicated bar area will be allowed, only a service bar to prepare drinks — any employee working in a dedicated function behind the service bar cannot serve customers directly.

Restaurant owners will not be able to sell or transfer the license and municipalities cannot limit the number of them.


Annual fees for the license will be $2000 the first two years and increase to $3000 and then $5000.

If passed, S2964 would also provides tax credit under corporate business tax and gross income tax for loss in value to certain alcoholic beverage licenses.


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