ChungChun Rice Dogs is Coming to Norwood

ChungChun Rice Dogs is a new eatery that’s coming soon to Norwood.

A California-based chain, it will replacing Honeybee Donuts in the retail strip with Cousin’s Pizza and 7-11.

The deal was done by Cushman & Wakefield brokers David Townes (Profile) and Alana Friedman (Profile).


Their menu (View Menu) focuses on Korean rice dogs, basically a Korean take on corn dogs. They use a rice-based batter to dips the dogs — they are said to be chewer than the American version — and then in various toppings like crispy potatoes and ramen noodles. Some dogs are also filled with cheese first before being coated and fried and to finish the dish, various dipping sauces are available.

No word yet on a potential opening date.

ChungChun Rice Dogs
450 Livingston Street
Norwood, NJ

[photo source: ChungChun]


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