Chofi Taco in Union City Makes Eater Birria Taco List

Birria Tacos, the trendy taco style that’s been increasing in popularity around the country beyond it’s Mexican and west coast roots, is the subject of Eater’s latest Guide to NYC’s Swiftly Growing Birria Taco Scene (Read Guide).

Also commonly referred to as red tacos, they are dipped or brushed in a red stew/consume before cooking —and served with a side of said consume — giving the tortillas a red hue.

Chofi Taco in Union City made the list — it’s a rarity that a Jersey restaurant is included on Eater — highlighted for their birria tacos and quesabirria tacos.


The restaurant began as a vendor at the popular Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg and has been open since March, launching days before the statewide shutdown from COVID (Read Story).

Chofi Taco
1700 Summit Avenue
Union City, NJ


[photo source: Chofi Birria]


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