Opening Alert: Black Sheep Bake Shop, North Arlington, NJ

Black Sheep Irish Bake Shop, a local bakery that has been frequenting local farmers markets and offering delivery-only services the last few years, has made the leap to brick and mortar with the opening of a shop in North Arlington.

The family run business specializes in meat pies that are made fresh to order — featuring Irish, Scottish and English pastries both sweet and savory — plus they will stock imports to accompany these products like HP Sauce, Penguin Bars, Tayto Crisps, Flake and Crunchie Bars and more.

On the sweet side of things, they offer shortbread and empire biscuits.


Currently they are open Saturdays from 8:00am till 2:00pm.

Black Sheep Irish Bakery
596 1/2 Ridge Road
North Arlington, NJ

[photo source: Black Sheep]


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