Bolero Snort Brewery Launches Broad Street Spiked Seltzers

Broad Street Spiked Seltzer, a line of crafted and canned by Bolero Snort in Carlstadt (Visit Website), just launched at the brewery. The line is one of their fastest sell outs to date and they’ve already got the next batch in tanks to keep pace with demand.

Made very similarly to their Bolero Snort beers, they start with a wort comprised primarily of a malt substitute and the source of sugar that will provide the food for the yeast to consume and produce alcohol.

After undergoing fermentation the seltzer is cold crashed. They purchased a special filter to help clarify the product and it undergoes multiple rounds of filtration to strip the liquid of any yeast remaining in suspension.


It’s available in six packs of twelve ounce cans, as it sees a limited roll out to select retail partners — in addition to being sold at the brewery.

The initial three varieties that hitting stores are Mango/Pineapple, Blackberry/Cucumber, and Orange Vanilla – they felt it made sense to carry over one of their core beer flavor combos. They even did a small batch of Cotton Candy released exclusively at the brewery which sold out — they intend to continue creating fun and exciting small batch offerings in similar fashion.

There are currently three ways to purchase Broad Street: direct from the brewery, via brewery home delivery service (Visit Website) or at select retailers throughout New Jersey — they post a new blog by release on their website listing all stores receiving allocations.

A dedicated Broad Street website is in the works, but it the meantime they suggest following @broadstreetseltzer on Instagram (Visit)/Facebook (Visit) for more info.


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