Rutt’s Hut in Clifton Named Best Hot Dog in America

The Daily Meal publishes it’s picks for best food across the country each year and this year has been no exception.

When determining which wurst is best, the website includes “local and national renown”, “quality of the ingredients” and the quite subjective “overall hot dog-eating experience”.

Perennial local favorite and North Jersey landmark Rutt’s Hut once again was the recipient of an article all it’s own — declaring it ‘The Best Hot Dog in America’ (Read Article).


After a quick definition of rippers — the popular style of hot dog served at Rutt’s, named such as they “rip” apart during the deep fry process. They also remind eaters not to forget their secret relish, a secret mix of “mustard and spices”.

Rutt’s Hut
417 River Road
Clifton, NJ


[photo source: chrispy.eats]


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