Opening Alert: Mercato, Tappan, NY

Mercato, a Roman pizza works, is now open at Tappan Plaza in Tappan – replacing pizza tenant Lilo, which closed it’s doors sometime last year.

In their “continuing mission to create delicious, healthy, everyday food locally”, ownership of The 9W Market (Palisades) and The Filling Station (Palisades, West Haverstraw) are behind this new concept.

The menu (View Menu) focuses on Roman-style pizza, in particular Pinsa (a light flatbread) and Al Pala (30 inch long free form). There’s also salads, meatballs, charcuterie, and more – along with local beer, wine and sangria.


Ownership spent time in Rome trying the different varieties, talking to various flour and oven companies. They discovered “some of the most unique and best pizzas” they’ve ever had, so they’ve decided to bring some of that back home.

Dough is crafted using a 72 hour cold sourdough fermentation, using a mix of ancient wheat, rice and soy flour. This creates a very light, airy, crisp and complex-flavored sourdough crust plus offer two-thirds less carbs and gluten then your typical pizza. All ingredients will be sourced locally as much as possible.

Currently they are open daily for indoor/outdoor dining and takeout for dinner.

31 Route 303 North
Tappan, NY


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