Libby’s Lunch in Paterson Will Close at End of July

Libby’s Lunch, the longtime hot dog joint in Paterson, will be closing this month according to an article from Paterson Times (View Story). The “iconic” eatery has been in business since 1936.

Reports had come out last week that they hadn’t paid rent the last few years — they lease their Great Falls location from the city — and that the restaurant’s lease is up on July 31st.

Known for serving a Texas Weiner style of hot dog (Learn More) — it’s one of the many hot dog styles invented here in New Jersey — they are topped with Greek-style “chili”, mustard (options) and chopped raw onions (optional).


The city with issue an RFP for those interested in the site for future use.

Libby’s Lunch
98 McBride Avenue
Paterson, NJ


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