Callahan’s Closes After Five Year Run in Norwood

After a five year run of crowds, national awards & accolades, and thousands of hot dogs, Callahan’s is closing its doors in Norwood.

It all began back in October, when Rockland Electric engaged in a multi-month road construction project that caused the shutdown of Broad Street, the small but heavily-trafficked road that’s home to a small retail district on the West side of town. Business dropped sixty percent and made the last three months of 2019 the worst of Callahan’s tenure.

After giving it some thought, Dan DeMiglio — third generation owner and grandson of founder Leonard “Artie” Castranni — had a new plan. Instead of reopening back in Norwood with a couple new additions: he was moving the store back to Fort Lee, where the legend of Callahan’s all began.


“It’s bittersweet because of all the incredible memories built in Norwood these last 5 years. I’m so grateful for my time there and the opportunity my landlord Mark Plescia gave me back in 2015. Those achievements never can be taken away. It was some historic run. Thanks to all the customers who loved what we brought to that area, it meant the world to us” said DeMiglio.

A location for Lemoine Avenue was ready to go in April, but due to the pandemic DeMiglio was forced to again change directions. He feels he made the right choice in not moving forward with the relocation. DeMiglio shared, “Of course now I look back on it after all that has transpired since this pandemic began, I’m very blessed that I made the correct decision. It’s a truly scary time with the restaurant business. I have so many colleagues who are suffering and that break down on the phone with me not knowing how they will make it to the next month”.

Without a home and without set plans for their fleet of trucks — many food truck festivals had been cancelled throughout the spring and summer, while their residence at Van Saun Park has been put on hold indefinitely — DeMiglio is happy that he can at least offer private catering to keep the business going. He’s already seen an uptick in bookings and inquiries for graduations parties, corporate events, and even weddings at their website (Visit Website).

What else is there in the future? DeMiglio hopes once the world settles down, he will have lined up a location where people can get the “NEW Callahan’s experience” once again. He’s also working on visiting some restaurant friends around North Jersey, with a number of popup dates to be announced soon (Signup for Updates).


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