Stack Creamery Has Opened in Westwood

Stack Creamery, a custom ice cream sandwich shop, has opened for business in Westwood.

With ice cream that’s and crafted from “real and simple ingredients” like butter, sugar, flour and vanilla, expect 11 main cookie flavors, one seasonal flavor, and a brownie – The cookies and brownies are scratch-baked in-house.

More specifically, the ice cream is made locally in Essex County and contains 12-14% butterfat, depending on the flavor. They feature approximately 16 flavors in total, a few of which will seasonally rotate.


When designing a sandwich, customers get the chance to choose the cookies (top and bottom), ice cream flavor, and toppings (sprinkles, cereal, candies, etc).

The shop is currently open for curbside pickup seven days a week.

Stack Creamery
287 Westwood Avenue
Westwood, NJ

[photo source: Stack Creamery]


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