Curiada Brings Craft Spirits to the Masses

Tired of the same old booze or maybe looking to try the next big thing? Curiada, a new startup with some Jersey roots, launched today to make all your boozy dreams come true (Visit Website).

The idea is pretty simple: smaller distilleries don’t have budget or marketing prowess to compete with the big brands. Meaning they aren’t available to everybody and typically can only be found in a very limited number of places. Curiada does the hard work finding these “unique, great-tasting, and best-quality spirits” and offers an easy way to get them to your door thru e-commerce.

In what sounds like a terrific job, the team at Curiada has toured the distilleries themselves while learning about the people behind the booze — sharing their unique origin stories and what drove their love of making liquor. This includes All Points West, a distillery in Newark which produces something that’s at the “midway point between a whiskey and a bourbon” — something that’s unconventional due to it’s “unique ingredient profiles and production methods”.


Whether it’s whisky, rum, bourbon, tequila, gin, vodka, mezcal, amaro, or one of many lesser-known liqueurs, they’ve compiled a number for people to try – plus they plan on adding new choices every month.

A visit to their website (View Site) would be the best way to learn about the team, what products they offer, and how to get one some of is delivered to your door.


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