Bibillia Has Opened in Ridgewood

Bibillia, a new Korean restaurant, has opened in Ridgewood.

Hyungmin Moon “Min”, has started this business in his hometown. After years of baby steps in the food world – his parents operated a catering company that specialized in Korean/Japanese cuisine in the tri-state area for 20+ years – he’s learned the skills necessary through hands-on teachings from mom and dad.

Unlike most Korean restaurants, they are aiming for a different approach: it’s a fast casual restaurant where the customers will order and customize bowls at a counter. The menu (View Menu) specializes in Korean Bibimbap and Korean home-style noodles.


The Bibimbap menu consists of three types of rice (white, brown, purple), six types of protein (chicken, beef, pork, mushroom, shrimp, tofu), and eight toppings (lettuce, cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber, carrot, eggs, Korean radish, beet). There are also four housemade sauces to compliment the bibimbap bowl.

For noodle bowls, the broth is made from scratch with choice of protein and toppings (scallion, carrot, crown daisy, egg, enoki mushroom). Crown daisy, is a type of herb that’s often used in Korean broths and stews, with high vitamin A, C, B, calcium, iron, and magnesium content.

For dessert and sides, they will serve Korean style veggie fries “that are amazing” and a “unique hot/iced tea” crafted using real fruits.

16 Chestnut Street
Ridgewood, NJ

[photo source: Bibillia]


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