Mavi’s Kitchen in Fort Lee Transitions to Mavi’s Pizza and Pasta

Mavi’s Pizza and Pasta, is the latest from the owners over at Mavi’s Coffee in Fort Lee.

They’ve transitioned their menu (View Menu) once again – last year it was brunch items and more – now with a selection of (pink) pizzas and expanded pasta for pickup or delivery.

Pies are crafted with organic flour and beet for color (it’s pink dough) and “better nutrition” for the dough which goes thru a 48 hour fermentation process. It’s then paired with a housemade tomato sauce and various toppings.


There are nine different pies running from more traditional (Jersey Tomato) to quite wild (Hell Fire: Spicy Tomato Sauce, Pepperoni, Onion, JalapeƱos, Mozzarella Cheese, French Fries, Spicy Mayo, Pepper Flakes).

Of course their selection of coffee, tea, and other beverages are still available. Mavi’s is open for both curbside pickup and delivery.

Mavi’s Pizza and Pasta
237 Main Street
Fort Lee, NJ

[photo source: Mavi’s]


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