Kinchely’s in Ramsey is a Great Pizzeria That’s Open food expert Pete Genovese believes pizzerias may be the “one business built to weather the coronavirus’ economic fallout” and has put together his latest list for readers — 25 great NJ pizzerias currently open for takeout (Read Full List).

Only one Bergen County spot is on the list and of course it’s a well known classic eatery. Kinchely’s Tavern in Ramsey would be the place, the “pizza roadhouse” with “wood paneling, red-checked tablecloths and model trains on display”.

Known for their thin crust pies — Genovese calls Jersey as the center of the thin-crust universe — he describes their pies as a “saucy, crunchy marvel.”


Kinchely’s Tavern
586 N Franklin Turnpike
Ramsey, NJ

[photo source: Kinchley’s]


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