The Flavor Labs Cooking School is Coming to Norwood

The Flavor Labs, a cooking and baking school for kids, is coming soon to Norwood. With the tagline “cooking + experimentation + fun” the company is “changing how kids engage with food”.

According to information cited on their website, cooking helps enhance science, math and literacy skills, make better food choices, improve self-confidence, and “will foster creativity” to help “think outside the bowl”.

Classes will include topics like desserts (cookies, cupcakes, etc), dough (pasta, pizza, dumplings, etc), international foods (stir fry, tacos, sushi), party foods, fruits/vegetables, comfort foods, and more.


While the current COVID-19 restrictions are in place, they are working to launch with virtual classes (View Virtual Page) via Zoom — classes for children with minimal parental guidance. More information is expected to be share soon.

As far as an actual physical opening date, you can follow their social media (Instagram) and website for updates.

The Flavor Labs
514 Livingston Street
Norwood, NJ

[photo source: The Flavor Labs]


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