Chofi Taco Announces Opening Date in Union City

Chofi Taco, the brick and mortar offshoot of popular birria (red taco) Smorgasburg (Brooklyn food market) vendor Chofi Birria, has annnounced they will be opening to the public this Saturday, March 14th.

Run by owners Kim Martin-Flammia and Patrick Flammia, birria tacos have been quite buzzy this past year — starting with LA and then NYC — as the Tijuana-based style has been all over social media and the NYC food press.

Chofi’s hand-pressed tacos are brushed with birria (a beef-based consomé) as they are grilled, giving them their red hue — Chofi says they are using the “hangover soup of Jalisco”. The tacos are filled with beef and then served served with more birria for dipping.


Doors will open beginning at 2:00pm.

Chofi Taco
1700 Summit Avenue
Union City, NJ


[photo source: Chofi Birria]


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