Oh Mammy Curry Factory in Fort Lee Updates Menu

Oh Mammy, the Japanese-style curry factory in Fort Lee, has made some updates to their menu (View Menu) since opening last fall.

Health is a focus for the restaurant, with fermented dishes and probiotic drinks to offer “improved gut health”. This includes the plant-based miki, a non-dairy Okinawan drink made with organic rice and sweet potato, plus makomo tea – a wild rice plant called “zizania” that grows clustered on the waterside of Eastern Asian countries.

In addition to their tradition curry choices of signature (fermented), mild (fermented) and butter chicken (along with protein choices of cheese, meatloaf, grilled chicken, tonkatsu), they’ve also added a vegan curry option. A special weekend meal is available in limited quantities each week.


The restaurant is open six days a week (closed Mondays), with online ordering available.

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Oh Mammy Curry Factory
1232 Anderson Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ


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