Yeti or Not: Defiant in Pearl River Hosts Annual Snowfest

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Do you like beer? Do you like some smoked meats and BBQ? Well then, we hope you made it to Defiant Brewing Co’s (Visit Website) annual Abominable Snowfest. If you were not able to have a great Saturday like we did, no worries — we’ll give you a run down and remind you to buy your tickets in advance for next year’s fest.

Honestly, it was the best day to attend an indoor beer festival. The weather was sh** and rained all day. While we have nothing against rain, it does limit your outdoor abilities. Once indoors, you’re first given a custom tasting glass (yes glass, not plastic… woohoo!) with Defiant’s own Abominable Snowbeer inside. Directly after that was the first station of food which was – drum roll please – mac and cheese. With different toppings including jalapenos, bacon bits, and cheddar cheese. We were ecstatic, to say the least. We made multiple trips to the carving station, filling up on pulled pork and ribs.


Overall, there were 24 separate breweries in attendance, all thoughtfully placed around the entirety of Defiant’s large back room space. We were glad to see some familiar local faces such as our buds over at Two Villains and Naptime. The brewery line-up here was a strong one; all breweries were within the Hudson Valley, the 5 boroughs, and Northern NJ. So yes, you can visit all of these breweries easily (just like we do, very often).

Jonna’s favorite beer of the day was Hackensack’s Kukulkan, a Mayan chocolate chili stout. We love anything spicy. Another favorite was Brix City’s Island Jams. It was so full of fruity flavor, we could drink it on the beach all day (okay, maybe not all day since it’s at an 8.5% ABV). One of Sara’s favorites was a milk stout from Two Villains, Maple Cat. If you’re a fan of maple syrup, you should give this one a try. The maple flavor is definitely present but not overpowering at all. The most interesting taster we had was probably Rockland Cider Work’s Rob Rod’s Snack Time which is a peanut butter cider. We’re so used to peanut butter being in stouts and not in a much lighter beverage. Looking back, there were so many beers we didn’t have a chance to try! Definitely go in with a game plan of which breweries you want to try.

Along with the endless beer and BBQ, there was also a plentiful supply of crisp water — which is direly needed at a beer fest! How can you taste all of the beers if you tap out (lol) early? Stay hydrated, friends. Defiant also didn’t forget how cheese and veggie platters are necessary at fun gatherings. You know, the things you always have room for even when you’re beyond stuffed.

We met a lot of new people, and even connected with some other beer and food instas. The staff was incredibly kind and accommodating. The live entertainment, including the mariachi band, the NY band Geezer, as well as the pair of mimes, gave the crowd something extra to enjoy while sipping and munching. There’s not too much better than a room full of good people, good beer, good food, and good entertainment.

As if all of this wasn’t good enough, the festival ended with an incredible view of a double rainbow. Au naturale even — and no, we weren’t seeing things (see above). And Defiant (Visit Website) isn’t just for events, they’re open daily for beer, bites, and available to host your private events.


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