Local Chef Robbie Felice Competing to be USA Master of Pasta

Chef Robbie Felice, chef and owner of Osteria Crescendo in Westwood and Viaggio in Wayne, is competing in the USA Qualifying Event of the Barilla Pasta World Championship later this year.

The USA qualifying event will bring eight U.S. young chefs, who are skilled in pasta, together to compete for the title of USA Master of Pasta, at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival on April 16th, 2020. The winner will qualify to compete against 19 others at the global competition in Italy in October 2020, for the title of World Pasta Master at the Barilla Pasta World Championship — now in it’s 9th year.

Chefs will create dishes using Barilla Collezione and be judged on taste and presentation for the challenge. Dishes will be judged based on the Pasta World Championship’s criteria by a jury consisting of relevant local culinary experts.


Barilla is also hosting a contest to send someone to the competition in California, contestants can share and root for their favorite chef on social media to enter. For more information about the competition and the contest, visit their website (Website).

[photo source: David Radney Photography]


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