Millburn Deli is Expanding to Morristown

Millburn Deli, the longtime Essex County shop, is adding a new location soon. Rumblings began at least sometime last year, but in the last week there’s been some pics (View Photo) surfacing online — a storefront with signage announcing their impending arrival in Morristown.

“Perfecting” sandwiches (View Menu) since 1946, they’re probably best known for their “sloppy joes” — not the lunch lady kind (Read Wikipedia) — fun sandwich names (The Gobbler and My Hammy Vice come to mind), and perennial visits to best of sandwich lists around the internet (See Thrillist).

Though the signs are up, there was not an exact address shared. And though Millburn Deli has indeed confirmed this is happening, there hasn’t been any other official announcement just yet.


Millburn Deli
Coming Soon
Morristown, NJ


[photo source: Millburn Deli]


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