Opening Alert: El Turco, Hackensack, NJ

El Turco, a new Turkish restaurant, has opened in Hackensack.

The husband and wife owners were both born and raised in Turkey had another Turkish restaurant in Texas. A move was made to New Jersey in order to be closer to their families.

Along with Yusuf, one of the owners (who’s also the chef) they are serving a menu (see below) traditional cold and hot apps, salads, kebab, entrees, and desserts — though it’s being described as “traditional Turkish” with a “modern twist”. Ownership started with the traditional tastes they grew up eating and have combined it with the food experience they gained by sampling other cuisines along the way.


In particular, there’s “great pride” in how they prepare and cook their lamb. Instead of taking any chunk of lamb, cut it into cubes, and put it on a stick to cook — Yusuf carefully selects the lamb, cutting and slicing carefully while removing the nerves and fat. This stops the meat from getting chewy and smelly.

There’s also a secret marinade for the shrimp, as well as the chicken kebab — which leaves the meat “so juicy and tender’.

The 50 seat restaurant (approx 2500 sq feet) is open six days a week (closed Tuesdays) for lunch and dinner.

El Turco
270 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ

[photo source: El Turco]

Menu (click to enlarge)


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