Opening Alert: Cookie Crumble Bar, Englewood, NJ

Cookie Crumble Bar, a new late night sweet shop, has opened in Englewood.

The menu includes fresh baked cookies and cereal-infused ice cream – the custom-recipe cookies use cereal (and other usual toppings) that are actually ground into the flour before baking and then topped with cereal after. Customers can then choose to have cookies topped with various homemade icings.

They are also using an official “Swirl Freeze” machine for a “higher quality” soft serve product that is “more consistent” for their ice cream. Customization includes cereals and other common soft serve ingredients.


With a very Instagram-ready space with neon lights, mural and more, hours are expected daily till 2:00am.

Cookie Crumble Bar
14 Engle Street
Englewood, NJ


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