Boozy Burbs Year in Review 2019

Each year we try to write one article that encapsulates some sort of idea, some sort of thought process, some sort of theme for the year. We have no idea if this post will even remotely accomplish that.

There’s been plenty that’s happened over the last 12 months, much of it typical since we started this site: new restaurants opened, others closed, and “rumors” that always turn out to be true because they’re not rumors.

Considering most of the scouring, compiling, photographing, and writing is done by a team of one — we are proud of our attempt to bring you the news of food in mostly Bergen County and how the landscape has changed in the last seven years.


What was trending this year? Eating food was trending. Humans need it in order to survive. And sometimes they get that food at restaurants.

Before we sign off for the year, there were a few bites from the 150+ NEW RESTAURANTS (no, we didn’t eat at anywhere near all of them) that opened in 2019 we really enjoyed. And feel the need to share. Think of this as a list of “new favorite dishes” from the past year.

Though it opened in late 2018, we didn’t make it to Lefkes in Englewood Cliffs (Website) till early 2019. And even though it’s no longer on the menu, their sushi selection was some of the best we’d ever had. Though that shouldn’t stop you from visiting.

The burger at Pazza (pictured above) in Franklin Lakes (Website) is ground in house (short rib and chuck blend) and served on a brioche bun with homemade shoestring fries. It’s not trying to be fancy, low brow, or overindulgent. It’s just trying to be a tasty burger. Mission accomplished.

Chinese restaurant Tao Haus in Closter serves a dish called Pepper & Salted Calamari that’s described on their menu as fried squid harmonized with pepper/salt and garlic. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

If you’re familiar with American food, you’ve probably tried Mac & Cheese. If you’re familiar with Indian food, you’ve likely tried (or at least heard of) Butter Chicken. Mumbai Dreams in Nyack (Website) serves something called Butter Chicken Mac & Cheese. It’s delicious.

The one dish for sweet tooth fans is from Creaminals in Tenafly (Website). They sell a popular Israeli treat called a krembo — a biscuit/cookie topped with meringue and covered in chocolate or other flavors. Do yourself a favor and buy a dozen.

And as honorable carb mentions, try the the homemade focaccia at Felina in Ridgewood (Website) and most (maybe all) of the bread served at Stern & Bow in Closter (Website) which is made in-house.


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