Five Dimes Brewery in Westwood Proposes New Plan

The possible, upcoming craft brewery in Westwood has made some changes to their plan, as they one day hope to clear through the approval process.

Five Dimes Brewery — named after the longtime the longtime five and dime store L.N. Grand that they are replacing — has removed the restaurant piece to their proposal. While the approximately 3000 square foot space would now be mostly for brewing, a tasting room will still be in the mix allowing guests to visit and try beer onsite — similar to other craft breweries.

Ownership — which started their passion with beer as a home brewer — is also stressing that the brewery will help the community to make Westwood more of a destination, along with their BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) status. Since they would not be allowed to sell food, nearby restaurants would benefit as customers would likely order eats from other Westwood dining spots.


There’s still a long way to go for the brewers before any of this can happen of course, as there are many more steps along the way.

Five Dimes Brewery
247 Westwood Avenue
Westwood, NJ


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