Opening Alert: Coco Jolie Chocolates, Englewood, NJ

Coco Jolie Chocolate, an artisan chocolate maker, has expanded with a retail shop in Englewood. Answering the calling of a lifelong dream, Owner Miriam Gitelman receiver her professional Pastry Arts degree from the International Culinary Center and began making sweets for friends and family.

The product is artisan, handmade and kosher (certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) chocolates – using organic and fair trade ingredients with no GMOs. They are also vegan and feature all natural fillings using cocoa butter as the coloring – creating what Gitelman calls “art and food”. Each box is a mixed variety of flavors, though they do rotate the line up seasonally.

Gitelman hopes to offer classes down the road and is open Monday thru Friday.


Coco Jolie Chocolates
Dean Street
Englewood, NJ


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