Opening Alert: Creaminals, Tenafly, NJ

Creaminals, described as a “kitchen-lab”, has opened in Tenafly

Ownership describes their creation as a “special unique dessert”, which is known as Krembo ― a popular treat in Israel and similar in many ways to a Mallomar ― which in it’s basic form is a biscuit topped with meringue and covered in chocolate (see photo above).

Their version starts with a fresh biscuit they bake every morning, then they pipe Italian meringue on top ― with around 16 flavors daily ― then cover it in chocolate. Flavors are all crafted from fruits and “natural ingredients”. They’ve also told us there will be a hot chocolat with “tons of chocolate”.


The kosher shop is open six days a week (closed Saturdays).

35 Washington St
Tenafly, NJ


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