Changes and Updates Coming to Dimora in Norwood

The construction is moving fast at Dimora, which closed for renovations sometime around the July 4th holiday.

According to a restaurant rep, the restaurant will not be adding any more additional seating, however it will be “much more comfortable” including a new ramp for wheelchair accessibility. The second floor will be “more open” parties with a “beautiful decor” — it will match the original wood theme, but a little more modern with mood lighting and a higher ceiling.

A brand new kitchen, a brand new bar and even the menu will see some updates including a bar menu with happy hour and some new dishes to their regular menu, as well as a complete lunch expresss lunch. They will also add delivery from Uber Eats and Door Dash.


They are still aiming for a return sometime in September.

100 Piermont Road
Norwood, NJ

[photo source: Dimora]


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