Bergen Restaurants Top Fried Chicken List

Eater dished on some poultry favorites from writer Robert Sietsema, with his 25 Exemplary Fried Chicken Dishes Around NYC (Read Full Article).

The list didn’t limit what type of restaurant could make the cut, there were fast-casual, casual, and more fine dining-type spots. Described as “golden brown and crunchy on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside”, Sietsena likens fried chicken as “America’s greatest contribution to world gastronomy”. Reintroduced to the area almost 100 years ago, so many places now serve up the iconic dish.

Unlike many NYC-area lists from Eater (actually they are often exclusively NYC), the top three spots are occupied by Bergen County restaurants.


At number one, Paula’s Soul Cafe (Visit Website) in Hackensack — they focus on the location in The Bronx — serves a buttermilk-marinated chicken that comes out darker.

At number two, John’s Fried Chicken (Visit Website) — a mini chain with locations in Cliffside Park, Guttenberg, Paterson, and Union City — serves Dominican-style fried chicken that have been marinated in vinegar giving it a slight sour taste.

At number three, Omusubi Gonbei (Visit Website) — located inside Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater, the Japanese supermarket chain — offers soy-marinated boneless fried chicken that’s slightly sweet.

[photo source: John’s Fried Chicken]


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