New Jersey Monthly Awards Technique in Westwood Three Stars

Technique, the French restaurant in Westwood, has received three stars from New Jersey Monthly magazine (Read Full Review). It opened late last year in the former home of Caffe Anello — which itself moved to the other side of the tracks to Madison Avenue.

Quite a bit of background is revealed on owner/chef Ross Goldflam’s background — he was a stock trader before heading to culinary school, then spent sixteen years between classic French cuisine and in catering amking lots of hors d’oeuvres.

Among highlights mentioned by reviewer Karen Tina Harrison were the parsnip soup, cured wild-salmon, and the steak tartare. The “tightly focused” menu — one soup, seven app, six entres and three desserts — was given high praise.


The 50 seat restaurant is currently open on Saturdays for dinner.

425-429 Broadway
Westwood, NJ

[photo source: Technique]


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