Opening Alert: Royal Spice Hotpot, Fort Lee, NJ

Royal Spice, a hotpot restaurant, has opened in Fort Lee.

Dubbed a “fusion of a thousand years of Chinese health food therapy” with “secret recipes passed on by word-of-mouth”, it combines Chinese hotpot and Japanese hotpot cuisine.

Each of their soup bases contain dozens of Chinese herbal medicines. They are prepared and cooked so diners can have “authentic taste” and “enjoy the nutrition and health effects at the same time”. The special Chinese Herbal Broth and Chef’s Special Pork Bone Broth are made with “rare” medicinal herbs, which are rich in collagen and calcium and mixed with ginseng (View Menu).


While all you can eat is an option, various a la carte meals will be available along with a selection of dim sum, noodles, desserts, and organic drinks.

Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 11am-10:20pm, Friday-Saturday 10:30am-11:00pm and Sunday 11am-10:30pm.

Royal Spice
2025 Lemoine Avenue
2nd Floor
Fort Lee, NJ

[photo source: Royal Spice]


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