Opening Alert: Charim, Fort Lee, NJ

Charim, a new business from Soram (a Korean restaurant in Ridgefield), has opened in Fort Lee.

Though not a restaurant, but a shop for banchan (aka Korean prepared dishes), the Soram team aims to “serve as a hub” to anyone looking for “authentic Korean food” or just “wholesome, delicious food”.

They derived “Charim” from a Korean word that means “to set the table”. And that is exactly what they are essentially trying to do: set their patrons’ tables with food so they don’t have to worry about cooking.


They have a fermentation wall filled with a selection of pickles and various types of kimchi, plus homemade dumplings, soups, lunchboxes and more.

1635A Palisade Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ

[photo source: Charim]


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