Opening Alert: Toasty, Westwood, NJ

Toasty, a gourmet eatery and cafe, has opened in Westwood. According to their social media, they offer “fresh, wholesome and locally sourced ingredients to create food from scratch that you can feel good about eating”.

The menu (View Menu) focuses on their signature toasts – which are “pieces of art” crafted from rustic breads then topped with numerous ingredients to make dishes with names like Strawberry Fields (ricotta, basil-marinated strawberries, honey, pistachios) and The New Yorker (cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, pickled red onion, micro greens, smoked salmon) – their are nine in all.

Customers can also build their own up to five different breads, six bases (avocado, peanut butter, etc), and around 20 other toppings (fruit, nuts, cheese, etc) with vegan and gluten-free options all around. Salads, smoothies and bowls round out the rest of the menu.


According to Google, the business is open 8am till 6pm Monday thru Friday and 10am till 4pm on weekends.

Toasty Gourmet Eatery & Café
262 Center Avenue
Westwood, NJ

[photo source: Toasty]


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