Sook Pastry in Ridgewood Expands Operation to Include Bread Making

Sook Pastry, the popular patisserie and chocolate maker in Rigewood, is now offering bread to it’s long list of items for sale. They were named best bakery in Bergen by this past November (View Article).

They recently built out their operations — including a big spiral mixer, moulder, divider, a “Fermento levain” and a new oven — to sell a line of French breads from their “amazing’ new bread baker who spent 10 years as a head baker at Maison Kayer (NYC) and prior to that with Francois Payard (where much of the main Sook team spent time as well).

There are currently 24 different breads, including different baguettes, olive bread, cheese bread, walnut, pecan, tumeric, and more. Sook is open daily from 6:00am till 10pm (Friday-Saturday 11pm).


Sook Pastry
24 S Broad Street
Ridgewood, NJ

[photo source: Sook]


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