J-Petal Bringing Crepes and Thai Ice Cream to Nyack

J-Petal, a Japanese crepe and Thai ice cream chain, is opening later this year in Nyack. This will be the first in the area, with stores spread across the country including one in South Jersey (Toms River) and one in Brooklyn.

The crepes can be filled with vegetables, fruit and meat — which themselves are crafted from 100% rice flour. The pancakes themselves are gluten, offered both savory and sweet — among the ingredients, beef is seasoned in-house and cream used is handmade.

Thai Ice Cream is their other specialty, which can be referred to as rolled ice cream. This is made by hand where the chefs mix milk with different ingredients (like fruit, candy, syrup) and are frozen flat and then scraped into “rolls”. This has already seen much penetration around Bergen at places like Rolling Cow (Paramus, West Nyack) and Freezing Point (Lyndhurst).


Rounding out the menu (View Menu) are milkshakes and “Light Bulb Drink” — typically tea or other sweet soft drink served in a light bulb-shaped container. According to their social media, this location will also offer poke bowls and burritos, something that appears will not be shared currently with their sister stores.

No other specifics at the moment other than “coming soon”,

85 Main Street
Nyack, NY

[photo source: J-Petal]


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