Chef Robbie Felice Bringing Osteria Crescendo to Westwood

Robbie Felice, the culinary wunderkind behind heralded Viaggio (Website) in Wayne — including a current reign as one of the top 30 restaurants in New Jersey according to New Jersey Monthly magazine (Read Article), is expanding his reach with a new operation.

While details are very slim, the restaurant is named Osteria Crescendo, will be some kind of Italian restaurant, and will be located somewhere in Westwood. The restaurant will have a liquor license and the bar will offer Italian-style street food.

The menu will be a spin-off of Viaggio though a slightly smaller menu. This includes house-cured meats, pastas and large scale entrees (whole fish, big steaks).

Felice is holding back many details, though he plans to reveal more soon. No word yet on an opening date.

Osteria Crescendo
Coming Soon
Westwood, NJ

[photo source: Viaggio]