Early Look at Menu From Prohibition River in Nyack


Jon Placek, the owner/chef at upcoming gastropub Prohibition River in Nyack (read our full preview), has sent over a copy of his dinner menu (see below). In addition to the permanent menu items, Chef Placek has also explained how the specials (typically titled with the words “of the moment”) will work below in his own words.

Mac n’ Cheese – The classic version will always be available but it will also have have a seasonal variation that will change frequently.

Seasonal Salad Selection – Will be highlighting a lot of the local produce available from Red Barn Produce as well as cheeses from Sprout Creek Farm.


Steak of the Moment – Cut will change based on availability.

Catch of the Moment, Butchers Choice – A rotating selection of seasonal appropriately prepared dishes. For instance Fall/Winter will highlight more hearty dishes with emphasis on braising and game while Spring/Summer will be lighter fare prepared with an emphasis on the grill.

Vegetarian Selection – Will vary between Seasonal Grilled Vegetables, Risottos, Vegetarian Cassoulets, Sandwiches/Wraps etc.

Seasonal Offering (Side Dish) – Will be featured in the above special entrees. Each will have their own unique pairings but will always have at least one available all the time as a side dish.

Prohibition River 82 Main Street, Nyack, NY Website

Dinner Menu (click to enlarge)


Lunch Menu (click to enlarge)




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