Opening Alert: Gyro Loco, Fairview, NJ


Gyro Loco, a Greek-style restaurant, has opened in Fairview. The spot is owned by Sotiris Kolokithas, who also owns the Truck Stop Diner in Kearny, NJ (exit 15E off of the turnpike).

The menu is mainly focused on Greek gyro and souvlaki, plus a rotisserie chicken made with a secret house recipe . The pork chicken and lamb gyro (when available) is made from real slices of meat, not some sort of food service processed meat product. The meat is marinated overnight and placed in the spit piece by piece and is then cooked upright rotisserie style to lock in the flavors and juices. An onion and a tomato are added on top of the spit to slowly add even more flavor to the meat.

There is also a create your own gyro option that offers some unique additions such as jalapeƱo tzatziki and chipotle sauce. Gyro Loco also offers salads and a Greek style of panini known as a “skepasti”.  A full copy of the menu is viewable on their website.


Gyro Loco is a BYOB establishment and open for both lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 11:00am-11:00pm. They offer takeout and free delivery to all surrounding areas.

Gyro Loco 11 Anderson Avenue, Fairview, NJ Website


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