Tous Les Jours Bakery Headed for Closter

Store opening from earlier this year [photo source: Tous les Jours]

Update: Tous Les Jours Closter is now open

Construction has begun in Closter for Korean bakery chain Tous les Jours. The “authentic bakery”, which serves “French-Asian” baked goods across their 20+ locations across the US, already has outlets in nearby Fort Lee and Palisades Park.

According to their website, their “unique selection” of food and drink are made with the “finest ingredients”. Tous les Jours sells a large array of breads, tarts, pastries, pies, donuts, macarons and more. A full coffee, tea and smoothie menu fills out their beverage options.


Tous Les Jours is a French-Asian Bakery serving a unique selection of bakery goods and beverages made with the highest quality ingredients. It has established a reputable bakery café system in the United States, building on a brand image that is respected in Asian American communities and is expanding into other mainstream markets.

The shop is replacing the space at 40 Homans Avenue, most recently the furniture store Chapelle (which has been closed for quite some time) and at one point J Mallory’s bar. No timetable has been released regarding an opening, though based on the site condition not till late Spring.

Tous les Jours 40 Homans Avenue, Closter, NJ Website


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