jersey artisan distilling

Jersey Artisan Distillery to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary on January 24th

It’s been 2 years since Jersey Artisan Distilling became the first NJ distillery since Prohibiton. They are celebrating on Saturday, […]

Jersey Artisan Distilling Named to Best Craft Distillers List

[photo source: Thrillist] Thrillist, the digital lifestyle website for men, has released a list of the best craft distillers in […]

Jersey Artisan Distilling Building Tasting Room Through Kickstarter

Fairfield’s Jersey Artisan Distilling seems to be on a roll after launching their first two rums this year. The first […]

Where to Find Jersey Artisan Distilling’s Busted Barrel Rum in Bergen County

[photo source: Jersey Artisan Distilling] It launched last week and they are the first distillery in NJ since Prohibition, but […]

Jersey Artisan Distilling Kicks off the Craft Booze Craze in NJ

Any regular at the local liquor store can attest to the growing number of craft beers that fill the shelves […]