Callahan’s in Norwood Will Return This Spring

It’s been an interesting few months for Callahan’s and other stores along Broad Street in Norwood. With the massive construction that’s caused closure and access to the road and retail businesses, owner Dan DeMiglio realized that with all the changes happening outside the store, he should move forward on some ideas he’d been thinking about for inside the store — so Callahan’s is closing for the rest of winter 2020, with eyes on returning sometime this spring.

Plans includes brand new menu additions like combo meals, milkshakes, and vegetarian items — plus changes to the both inside and outside seating with DeMiglio also promising some additional surprises. The exact opening date will be released in the next month or so.

Of course truck catering is still a go for the spring, summer, fall, etc, as is their regular event schedule — including Van Saun Park in April — for the rest of 2020. All updates can be seen on their website (Visit Site) and Facebook Page (Visit Page) including info on catering, events, and more.


10 Broad Street
Norwood, NJ


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