Healthy School Lunches With No Fuss Lunch

Two year ago, Gabriella Wilbay launched No Fuss Lunch, a healthy lunch program that replaces the traditional food service in schools. The meals are made fresh everyday and delivered to the schools ― many times by their staff of local moms and dads – all of which follow a few guidelines: no GMO, no white four, no white sugar, ho corn syrup, and organic when available. Plus they make sure they are safe for all children, keeping in mind common food allergies 
The meals themselsves include an entree, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, handmade small treat, antibacterial wipe, bottled water, dip and utensils. Meals are made with “high quality” ingredients like grass-fed beef, are nutrient rich and all cooked locally in commercial kitchen space in Hawthorne.  As Wilbay puts it, we’ve got “all of the good and none of the bad”.
No Fuss Lunch works with parents and principals when they are unhappy with the foods being served to their kids at school. They customize menus and begin offering the meals to order via website. Parents can choose a day at a time, a week at a time or a month at a time ― as long as it’s before 8pm the night before.
Right now they’re serving 22 Bergen County schools, a senior center and meals on wheels. This currently runs about 1500 healthy lunches a day. Meals runs  appoximately $3.75 a day for preschoolers, $5.35 a day for element school kids and $7. 75 a day for their “big choice” (middle school) options. For more information about the company and find out how to get them aboard with your school lunches, visit their website

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