Boozy Urbs: Queens Midnight Food Crawl (A Recap)

Fresh tortillas, meats and much more being served up

Note: Sometimes even the most suburban of us have to get outside our comfort zone. These posts are when we embrace our urban side… hence “Boozy Urbs”.

After learning of Jeff Orlick and his in an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, the idea of heading out in the wee hours (okay only 10pm-1am) to taste some interesting ethnic food from carts, trucks and the like in Jackson Heights/Elmhurst sounded like something. The tour highlighted foods from Mexico, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Forgive some of the lackluster descriptions or names of the food items below. We’ve done our best to highlight many of the night’s hits and explain them to the best of our late night brain could remember 🙂


Each cart has it’s own specialties, but many carry some of the same items like tacos, tamales, tortas, cemitas and many others. Our guide Jeff tried our best to order the best from each and as a group we sampled a bit at each one, allowing us to entertain an amazing sampling for the duration of the night!

Piece of Chorizo and potato Quesadilla

Even in the chilly December cold, the mix of flavors were definitely interesting. We realize now why we never order tamales at Mexican restaurants…. cause we never had a good one till now!

Cooking some corn soup right on a table outside a store

The corn soup (sorry about the poor image)

Encebollado de pescado (fish/tuna soup with yucca); definitely a highlight

Forgot the name of this one, long fried plantains with beef in the middle

The idea of a sandwich with fried plantains as the bread is as brilliant as using pancakes as the bread for a sandwich. Plus pink sauce, mayo, sweet ketchup and more! Excellente!

Pretty Jell-O molds with flowers sold on the street

Holy hot tamale it’s filled with mole seasoning and chicken

Boiled beef over rice

We serve food from 11pm till 4am just like the do in Tenafly. Wait, we mean not at all like Tenafly!

Freshly made taco with fresh homemade tortilla

There’s a prevailing wisdom that the only place to get real tacos in the United States in somewhere in Southern California. Boozy Burbs (courtesy of Jeff Orlick) tend to disagree. Check Roosevelt Ave in Queens around midnight and you may tend to disagree too!

Last chance to stuff our bellies before heading back to the car

Do you like food? Do you like eating after 10PM? Are you willing to try some new ethnic foods that you’ve never heard? Then head to Queens. At midnight…

Queens Midnight Street Crawl
hosted by Jeffrey Orlick
Roosevelt Ave / Elmhurst Ave in Queens, NY
Saturday and Sunday Nights from 10PM till 1AM

Note: Boozy Urbs posts are dedicated to the times when even the most dedicated member of the Boozy Burbs nation takes advantage of the massive cultural expanse of New York City. There are endless varieties of every ethnic food, where a night of cocktails becomes a mixology adventure and where one is only held back by their imagination. It’s an opportunity to explore even more than the everyday suburban life allows.


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