Best Burgers in NJ

five guys fort lee
photo by Marshall Astor

The burger movement has gone completely off the deep end. How do we know? Because the always overlooked Northern NJ/Metro area has had it’s share of burger openings in the last half decade or more. And let’s face it, nobody every real cares about Jersey.


Some chains have faded quickly like Fatburger. Or some like Cheeburger Cheeburger faded in West Nyack to reappear in East Rutherford. Others have benefited from the foodie blogger buzz like Zinburger and Bucu. While others had their expansion plans timed right (with a whole lot of financial backing) like Five Guys and Smashburger (And what does the term “Better Burger Segment” mean? It has about as much cachet as calling “Hooters”-type places “Breastaurants”). Plus let’s not forget about the occasional celebrity chef jumping on the proverbial bandwagon (particularly those who have lost touch with reality).

Not to be forgotten is the renaissance burgers are having on menus of local establishments like the Murder Burger at The Shannon Rose, the First Place burger at Next Door or the deals to be had from more expensive national chains like the $6 Bar Deal at Fleming’s.

Each of these places would like to impress you with their meat blends, their fancy buns or their absolute disregard for calories (We wholeheartedly agree with this approach!). Is this beef land rush better for consumers? Or is it just an extended fad? The jury is still out, but all this talk about burgers is making us hungry.



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