Brand New: Yasou Mykonos, Demarest, NJ

The thought of an actual restaurant (our apologies to Pizza Express, whoops Demarest Pizza) opening in Demarest comes as somewhat of a shock. Not as big of a shock when (yet another) Dunkin’ Donuts opened, but a shock nonetheless. After months of seeing the sign and another few of construction, they are officially open for business.

Yasou Mykonos is located in the building that housed Dr. Spector’s dentist practice for many years (and more recently a place called Powernet). The space has been completely renovated with a Greek motif, including tables for dining in and plenty of front counter space for takeout/delivery.

The menu is full of hot/cold apps, salads, soulvaki, gyro and other Greek specialties. It will be interesting to see how they fare with Zendiggi Kebab House opening a few months back in Closter (we know it’s Persian vs Greek food, however there seems to be at least a little overlap in their menus). Yasou Mykonos will also be offering delivery according to their menu and signs.

They have also been granted a temporary permit for outdoor seating comprised of no more than 4 tables with total seating for 12 patrons, which is a first for Demarest.

Nice Interior Shot

Basket of Pita

Spanakopita (spinach pie with herbs and feta cheese)

Lourkaniko Horiatiko (Grilled Greek Sausage)

Tourlou (baked eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes with fresh tomato sauce)

Revithokeftedes (Greek style chick pea patties with salad and lemon potatoes)

Spanaki Salad (baby spinach, toped with feta cheese and honey vinaigrette dressing)

Chicken Gyro

They have their own branded yogurt

Yogurt and Sour Cherries

Now with Outdoor Seating

Yasou Mykonos
134 Hardenburgh Avenue
Demarest, NJ
(201) 768-8500


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  3. Cathy says:

    My husband & I had dinner at Yasou Mykonos tonight in Demarest.
    A great place with great Greek food!
    Staff was really friendly. Food fresh and came out quickly.
    New favorite and they deliver!

  4. Boozy Burbs says:

    Cathy, we were surprised/impressed that they deliver too!

  5. jason says:

    ate there twice (takeout) and food was AWESOME. so much flavor – so fresh. not your typical greek place…meat on rotisserie is stacked whole chunks of meat – not a meat popsicle. good stuff and very reasonable. i plan on eating there again tonight.

  6. Karen says:

    I ran in for a menu and Chris (I think) was very friendly, shook my hand and welcomed me. As much as I was going home to feed my family, I just wanted to stay and eat there. Everything looked and smelled really good. I also saw about a half a dozen families I know eating there.

    Perhaps lunch is on the agenda for tomorrow.

    Best of luck to you!


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