All You Can Eat NJ: Sushi Village, Westwood, NJ

All You Can Eat (AYCE) dining options certainly can fall into a broad range of quality. They’re usually pretty decent at lunchtime at many Indian restaurants serving AYCE buffets. They can be pretty suspect at large buffets with many greasy options (usually with names like “Multi-International Food & More Buffet”). It seems as the economy continues to sputter along, recession-friendly businesses have been popping up to fill the void with people looking for true value. Can something typically regarded as a luxury (and raw) item work well as an all-you-can-eat/value option?

A decade ago (you remember, before blogs and when everyone knew who this guy was), the only option in the Boozy Burbs area would have been at Minado in Little Falls. The sushi section was filled with many choices, but they sat out on a platter until someone came along to eat them (if eaten at all). But times and tastes (and expectations) have changed! Sushi Village (an offshoot of their Bayside, NY location) in Westwood falls into the “Made-to-Order” variety of AYCE sushi places. No sushi sitting out getting spoiled. It is made when you order it and made at a quality level that should satisfy those looking for a sushi fix.

The price certainly is reasonable. For $19.99 on weekdays and $21.99 on weekends (Fri-Sun), diners are given many sushi, sashimi and maki options. However, that’s only the beginning. Sushi Village also offers a full choice of kitchen options, including salads, soups, appetizers, tempura, teriyaki and more… all included in the price!

The system is very simple. Your server brings you two sheets, one labelled “Kitchen” and one labelled “Sushi Bar”. You check boxes next to the items you’d like to eat. You return the sheets to your server and wait till your food is served.

Kitchen Options (Yes, even dessert is included)

Sushi Bar Options

Even on a busy Friday or Saturday night, don’t expect to wait too long to get your food (though the wait to be seated can sometimes be a while). They’ll send it along randomly, though soups, salads or appetizers usually make it to the table first.

Spicy Kani Salad 

Serving of Shumai and Gyoza (they will come fried by default, you must ask for them steamed like the Shumai above)


While getting the option to eat as much salad and dumplings can be exciting, the reason why you came to Sushi Village wasn’t to indulge in all the shrimp tempura you can eat (or soup, calamari, tofu, etc). It wasn’t to see how many orders of miso soup you could eat in one sitting. It was for the sushi:

Assorted Sushi Rolls

Assorted Sushi Rolls

And not to be forgotten, dessert options are available (check your Kitchen menu). While certainly not the most interesting dessert menu, it’s part of the price and after eating all that sushi… are you really going to be that hungry anyway?

Don’t worry, if you eat everything you ordered and you’re still hungry, just ask your server for another sheet. They just ask that you eat what you ordered. We’re not sure what happens if you leave a lot of food on your plate, but it’s only fair to follow the rules and be respectful. Otherwise enjoy the sushi!

Sushi Village 700-90 Broadway (K Mart Center) Westwood, NJ Website

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